Vintage Denim

When I said I shopped in London, this is the result! The Topshop on Oxford is an insane place. They had featured brands on the bottom floor - which is where I found this button-up denim dress. I also went to two locations of The Office that had these shoes (the first didn't have my size) and when the second shop did I swooped them up! The best part about shopping abroad is that you can go to chain stores (like Topshop & Zara) and the selection is always different. It's almost like you are purchasing one-of-a-kind pieces when you bring them back home.

I love this look because it is casual but really cute. The backpack is super functional for when I am running around freelancing - and these shoes could not be more comfortable. The keychain hanging out of the back of the bag is my new favorite accessory (and now I will never lose my keys).

Barney's Faux Leather Backpack
Peep Toe Shoes by The Office UK
Vintage Denim Dress by Topshop UK
Fuzzball Keychain by Topshop UK
Sunnies by Spitfire

Photos by the lovely Shevah.

Frankie White