What an adventure I had this weekend! I never had the desire to go to Coachella but when the opportunity arrived I jumped on it. It was insane. So many amazing experiences and as you already know it doesn't take a lot to convince me to go on a desert getaway ...

Walking through the gates I really didn't know what to expect. The field is beautiful (and HUGE). For the first day I wore my Forever 21 Long Line flannel with a bikini top and my vintage cut-offs. I wanted to be comfy so on my feet I wore my beater classic Converse. 

Artists I Saw Include : Azealia Banks, Oliver Heldens, Lykke Li, Steely Dan, ACDC

Being a little bit more prepared this time I made sure to bring along a bandana to cover my face - it's gets SO DUSTY. Also I wore a floral patterned halter top (with an open back) and these amazing lace pants. I cut the lining much shorter so I could show a little skin and stay cool!

Artists I Saw Include : Chet Faker, Hozier, Alt-J, Tyler the Creator, FKA Twigs, Flosstradamus, Jack White, The Weeknd, KANYE

By this point I was exhausted along with everyone else in the crew. We spent the first half of the day relaxing by the pool. The outfit that I wore to the pool was supposed to be the one for Coachella too, but the dust and the wind made me change my mind once I got in the gates. I had this amazing bathing suit cover up / dress that I tied up to make a cute little cut-out outfit (bandana included).

Artists I Saw Include : Kaskade, Florence & The Machine, Drake (with a hello from Nicki)

What an amazing trip - I am so grateful to all the people I got to share these memories with. Now I'm sitting in my office with the Coachella blues and sick with a cold. Time to go back to real life I guess!

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xox, Frankie

Frankie White