Back to the Mountains

Once again - I found myself taking yet another weekend in Palm Springs .. for some reason I've been traveling like crazy all through April. This trip was a must, my childhood best friend was visiting from Brooklyn and I had to show her how amazing the desert is.  

We had such a blast! Got our past lives read, & saw a psychic shaman. I learned that the desert mountains are incredibly healing and realized maybe that's why I love PS so much. We both brought our panama hats out for the occasion (and we did not plan to match, it kind of just happened .. whoops).

I'm wearing a Forever 21 two piece bathing suit with white TopShop platform mules. In my second outfit I have on a pair of vintage cutoffs with Nasty Gal laceups. Sunglasses are by Urban Outfitters.

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xo, Frankie

Frankie White